Marriage and the fear of Internet Relationships

Marriage and the fear of Internet Relationships

Marriage remains a core part of human life irrespective of challenges that arise while two individuals from different backgrounds come together to form their own family.
We are in a dispensation where the value of marriage diminishes each day the sun rises. People have somewhat demoralized its social importance – in a world where the stories of divorce appear daily on the faces of our dailies.
The concept of online relationship or internet relationship and marriage has been target of discus over times. Some experts have traced the success or failure of marriage to the mode by which couples began the journey. Some started theirs while in college; some met while on national youth service, some met at social events, some met at work places – name it. But how has meeting through the internet affected the success or failure of relationships and marriages.

In the old era – what we nowadays youths refer to as “the stone age”, love and relationships didn’t have special wings to fly. There were concrete connections between a man and a woman who intend to be intertwined by Love. Some men in those days already had ladies betrothed to them way back since birth: they both grow up knowing full well they are going to be married. Some men identify ladies around them and endeavor to express their interests, which if successful, leads to marriage. Irrespective of which ways the relationships began, physical communication, interactions and expressions were concrete to having a successful relationship between a man and woman.

The modern day however, spells technology in almost all aspect of our lives: education, communication, job, finance, etc. Sophisticated technologies have enabled several relationships to begin from the internet. It’s been the dominant era of facebook, instagram, Skype, twitter, yahoo and legion of local dating sites. Youths have been able to use the internet as tools for both decent and intricate activities. Old men and women have not been also left out from harnessing the both the excitements and detriment that the internet as brought. Of course, these would never mean to undermine the inexhaustible benefits of the internet in anyway.
The internet serves several benefits for mankind: enabling well spread information about job opportunities for unemployed youths. Creating wealth for individuals involved in internet banking and other financial activities that are aided by the internet. Providing platforms for people to meet up with old school mates, and maintain connections with friends and family. Information dissemination has generally been aided by the existence of the internet. And also, young men and women have been able to interact keenly through the internet, while some lead to love relationships.
Survey has it that “two-third of online daters, 66%, said they have gone on a date with someone they met through a dating site or dating app. This is a substantial increase from the 43% of online daters who had progressed to dating stage when first asked about their internet dating experience back in year 2005. But it still means that one-third of online daters have not yet met up in real life with someone they initially found on a dating site”- according to PewResearchCentre.

However, many of the relationships which started on internet have usually experienced set-backs and break-ups. The reasons include, Infatuation as basis of the relationship, and pretense by either party just to have access to hoodwink the other partner. Some people even indulge in relationships online just to flirt – unknown to the other partner- while never having the intention to be committed to a serious relationship deep down. These actions have indirectly affected our social environment by creating the atmosphere of mistrust, hatred and grief in people.
Research in the united state of America has it that “mere 5% of people who began to date via the internet ended up in marriage”. The golf of distance between two individuals in a relationship spanning for a lengthy period of time can as well serve as antecedent for the failures of online relationships. Both males and females are often at the the giving and receiving end of cheating on their partners in this regard.

Highlighting the inexhaustible dangers of been in a relationship with an unknown man or woman on the internet will only be time consuming. The figures of those who end up in marriage ‘5%’ says a lot about the disappointments, agony and distress usually produced as end-product. Genuine relationships with purpose to get going into marriage require physical communication – at some points, not necessarily all times. Two individuals in love will eventually have to settle down together; therefore it is profitable to have shared some moments together in discussing and praying concerning their future.

For those seeking for future partners on the internet, it is usually waste of time making the less real to look more real through chatting and video calls. Many times, when these two people eventually meet, they realize that they are not as perfectly fitting as they have thought or imagined. Some go to the extent of photo-shopping their pictures just to impress the other partner. For some rare cases, untold physical disability by one of the partners is revealed upon eventually meeting. Most times, it becomes inflexible to continue in love with such individuals, and these results into break-ups.

The chances of online dating leading to marriage are quite slim. Though, having to interact long before meeting gives lovers the chance to know how enduring they can be when the other partner is not around them. But this is not enough reason, for those needing to be committed in a life time marriage – genuine communication is key.

Many people have been left to count their ruins after indulging in love relationships with an “half invisible” being. This has sadly been the failure of the internet as regards marriage.
Those who defiled these odds must have been really lucky.

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