Inquisitive Adam

God sat down on a neat pavement trying to behold the wonders of His creation. He slid a cup of juice in His mouth at intervals; he looked caught up in the beauty of the sun as it shined unequivocally. The angel next to God marveled;
“ Sir, infact nobody like you. Who knew the round shape we tested last in the laboratory is what would eventually become this radiant and ever shining sun.”
God smiled, crossing His giant legs while he rotated the cup in His hands with the gaze of His eyes. It seemed He was more concerned now with something very important.
“Bring me that guy we just molded” God said.
“Yes sir,” another angel at a sharp corner with a captivating elegance answered. He matched forward to yield to God’s request.

He came back swiftly with an image of God; held it by the hands like an egg in the midst of stones. All the angel knew God wouldn’t joke with the latest grand product from the laboratory so everyone had better be careful with it.
The angels stood anxious to see what was going to happen. They were dressed in the most golden whitish apparel. Flames of fire surrounded the edges of their garments. There eyes were filled with flashes of fire and lightening.
“I heard God intends to put this static guy in Eden” an angel whispered into the ears of another angel.
The other angel nodded with an affirmation, “yes.” No one dare exchange conversation when God was ready to do one of those creation things.

God was already standing, he looked at man face-to-face. He held him with the tip of His own finger. He looked quite smaller in size; in fact he was micro. His body couldn’t move.
God drew him closer nevertheless. The breathe that came out next from the mouth from Him brought life into man.
“Wow, but Baba didn’t add this to the To-do list this morning. He is just definitely able to do and undo,” one of the angels who just entered the garden said.
Man became a living soul immediately got released his hands. The angels had waves of joy flashed through their faces in turn. They sang one of God’s favorite songs to salute His omnipotence both in the heavens and on earth.
Adam as he was named, bent his stifled neck in a 360-degrees style. He was testing the functionality of his body.
His yawning got the snakes and Lions around scared; they ran for their dear lives.
“The sound from the mouth of this man is scary,” one lion confessed as they all fled.
Adam didn’t mind them, he stretched his arms and legs; kicked a jar of water next to him just to test the potency of his femur, tibia and fibula
“God, what’s the difference between the arm and the Leg because they both look similar to me?” Adam asked naively; he was checking his body at every turns to behold the beauty of God’s work in his body.

God sat down comfortably on a brown throne made with the finest gold and diamonds. He looked at man from head to toe, his cheeks were the smoothest. His voice was masculine; filled with an attractive bass. Wow, what a beautiful creature.
God was impressed.
“Boy, the hand is for holding things – anything you feel like holding, while the leg is majorly for walking and running. Do you understand?” God smiled cheekily, and briefly looked at Adam’s inquisitive face.
“Yes, sir. I will get to understand them more as times goes on” Adam brilliantly replied.
God sat up.
They strolled towards Eden as God narrated beautiful stories about creation to him.
Adam stooped half way; he noticed a thick bulge in the lower part of his abdomen.

“Lord, everything else in my body I basically understand quite alright now; but I don’t understand the function of this one that looks long and bulging down here. Em…Can you probably explain?” Adam said, turning his face downward below his tummy.
He held God’s hands in order to call His attention to the latest changes he noticed.
“Adam, you ask too much questions” God replied swiftly. He proceeded on the walk across the Garden of Eden
Adam paid rapt attention as they walked and gisted. He couldn’t just agree that God had given him the final answer to the pressing question he asked earlier.
“Tell me now please…” he screamed, much to the annoyance of the angels on patrol.
“Okay, one of its functions is for passage of waste products from your body in the form of urine.” God explained.
“Oh…Okay” Adam smiled in a way that showed he wasn’t still satisfied with the answer God gave him.
“Is that all” he asked once again.
God got vexed by his persistent questions. Mountains began to shake from their roots, big trees fell apart in awe. The angels began to sing melodious dongs to hail God.
Adam released his hands from God’s and held the robe of the angel next to him;
“Please angel Gab, Help me beg God. I’m sorry .” He wept like a child being deprived of breast milk.
The angel consoled him, whispered some senses into his ears on how to speak respectfully to God.
He got the gist, thanked the angel and walked towards God and immediately prostrated before Him – who seemed to have seized from His anger.
“ God, I just wanted to know if there are other function of this third leg below my abdomen” he said with pity. His fingers intertwined in successions as he hoped for an answer he desire from God.

God was yet surprised. How could Adam still ask the same question again! He thought.
“Ok, Adam, what is the problem, tell me, baby?” God nicely asked;
Adam smiled, he looked at God’s face filled with stars and shining lights of His glory;
“Sir, honesty I……..”
“Does your question has anything to do with the woman I promised to create from/for you?” God interrupted.
“Yes, hahaha you got it sir; yes God” Adam laughed sharply.
“I want to know if what I asked you about has anything to do with her?” Adam boldly asked, fixing his gaze on God to download the answer He would give him.
God felt it wasn’t time to let the remaining cats out of the bag. He ignored Adam’s inquisitiveness;
“Adam, I don’t have your time again today” God turned towards the direction of His Villa. He instructed five angels to escort Adam back to his base.
“You should be more concerned about the naming of the animals coming up this evening at the naming arena” God spoke silently as He went His way.
The decibel of His silent voice still made the angels held their ears in awe of his strength and power.
“Ok, I will see you at the naming arena, Lord” Adam screamed on top of his voice, as he proceeded on the wings of an eagle to his mansion in Eden.

The five angels flew next to him on their own.

“But….hnn…bring me an explanation for what I asked earlier pleeease” his voice diminished as the bird went on a rampage fly carrying Adam towards his abode.

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