Sabyfy Study Challenge

Study Challenge

We challenge young people to study their books, and then upload to, a revision of what they have studied, one Subject and one topic at a time.
Such review may be done by consulting classroom notebooks and lecture notes, textbooks or even internet research.

Participants in this challenge can be undergraduates or graduates, but the topics reviewed must be within senior high school and university level, and should be related to any of the following subjects;
Agricultural Science
Animal Husbandry
Civic Education
Food and Nutrition
Health Education
Home Management
Information and Communication Technology
Integrated Science
Physical Education
Social Studies, and
Visual Arts

Participants should be able to put what they have studied in their own words before uploading on Sabyfy.
Plagiarism (“Copy and Paste”) will be seriously penalized.

Each participant will receive Coins from for every successful review that is uploaded (as well as for reading or commenting on other write-ups), and those that acquire the most Coins at the end of every two weeks receive monetary compensation.

Click here to learn about how Coins are awarded

Click here to see highest Coin earners and also learn about the monetary compensation.

This program is part of an overall objective geared towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Goal 4, to “ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning”.

Are you ready?

Submit a revision of what you have studied!

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  1. but please ……. what i still don’t get is : is SABYFY a platform for classroom subject such as in JSS and SSS class OR about General life

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