Man is an insatiable being always never satisfied with what he has irrespective of the vast abundance of resources available to him.Here, I sat thinking,figuring out a way to do it unconsiously crying out to God,pleading He helps me find my true passion in life.

We make mistakes in our journey of life, get drenched in the drain, scorched by the sun of life, abused by those we love the most, stabbed in the back by our trusted friends, mocked by all and sundry but that has never put out the fire kindling in our hearts. The loss of today being the gains of tomorrow sets us apart on the pedestrial terrains of greatness.

It’s in you I heard the pastor scream motivating us to greatness at the expense of our pockets little did I know I was going to face the reality of life,I thought to myself as I walked out the church premises after services had ended.

Express, Ifite, I heard the conductor scream as I hurriedly struggled to get a seat on the bus not knowing what to make of the pastor’s sermon as I got to my destination,paid my fare and bade the other passengers goodbye.Walking down the road leading to my house, I said to myself,”what am I going to eat when I get home,not ignorant of the fact that I had no money on me, God will provide I said, believing He will always do”. God being so kind,food had already been prepared and dished out. I thanked my God for truly proving a meal as I ate hungrily.

Life not being fair can push us against our walls, stretch us beyond our limits, puts us in dicy situations where neither we talk nor keep calm. This is the very essence of living, where deep down in our weakest moments we find our strengths embedded , where in our ignorance, wisdom is revealed, in our trials, our hopes and faith is kept alive. This is what we were never told growing up but life teaches us this hard truth in its own way.

Finding our passion in life could prove difficult as this was my case after my brief sojourn as I said to myself ”I will find my passion in life as I walk the paths of greatness.Everytime, my mum tells me I’m born for greatness not minding the circumstances surrounding me, looking me in the eyes, I see beams of hopes that today will always be better than tomorrow.

This path could always be difficult as we feel deserted in our journey of life, take heart she told me as what wont kill you only makes you stronger.This was the consolation I really needed as I felt my burdens lifted off my shoulder.

Then I went to my mentor who after many years of not seeing me was happy to see me again.How are you he asked, as I pretended not hearing him,are you okay he asked again, I answered, no,why he asked again, I told him I am on my way to finding my true passion in life that I needed just his fatherly blessing and prayers to keep me on the way.

This was how I found my true passion in life as I stumbled on a book in his office which helped me in finding my true meaning of existence. Here are just a few tips to help you find your passion as yours might be more tasking than mine, well lets ride through this journey together.

The first step to finding our passion in life is: Committing our ways to the Lord; trusting also in Him; and he shall bring it to pass (PSALM37:5 KJV). This is the first essential step in finding our passion in life because He is the roadmap of our lives.

Another step to finding our passion is Neglecting not the gift that God has deposited in us
(1st Timothy 4:14&15). This is the very problem bedeveling our youths today believing that they can’t achieve anything putting to waste the abundance of gifts and talents deposited in them.

Also, another way of finding our passion is to ponder on how we spend our time.
Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needed not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth (2nd Timothy 2:15 KJV). Its asking us to be studious, never ignoring any kind of information and learning all that needs to be learnt not closing our minds to knowledge.

Also,we need to Brainstorm with our heads and minds. So we need to keep a close watch on all we do and think (1st Timothy 4;16 TLB). It’s been proved by science that we humans don’t actually use 10% of our brains and I ask what becomes of the 90%. Let’s get into serious brainstorming.

Look around for possibilities because there is so much to be done with our minds.
Take a lesson from the ants.Learn from their ways and be wise (Proverbs 6:6 TLB). So lets get to work and learn from others shaping our experiences as we go through life.

Don’t be afraid to take the giant step because the first step is always the defining moments in finding our passion.
For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power (2nd Tim. 1:7 KJV). So God is asking us not to be afraid but to venture out and conquer territories.

In finding our purpose in life, there is need for Research.We can’t just venture out without properly doing our homework and getting our facts rights.We should know as much as about our passion as possible because shallow knowledge impairs our vision of seeing the big picture.We should get accquinted with people of like passion,buy books,read as much as we can.

It’s a well known saying that practice makes perfect.So in finding our passion,we should practice daily our passion,we should not be amateurs in our field but professionals who will always stand the test of time gaining wide spread publicity and contributing our quota to the growth of mankind.

In our final quest of finding our passion, we should never quit trying.There are a whole lot of possibilities we need to explore as we never can tell that at the end of every dark tunnel; the lights keep shinning.So lets not fail our endurance test of life, surely having in mind that there will be victory for us all.



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