As I sat back thinking about what my dad told me over the phone,my phone rang bringing me back to life.Hy Nkechi, how are you,I hope you are not bored at home, Chisom asked,yes I am, thinking about my parents and siblings Nkechi answered.Don’t worry when I come back I will take you round town just that I am busy with a lot of customers here in the shop and I cant leave the shop because one of my girls isn’t feeling too fine. Okay, just be a good girl, when I come back,we’ll go round town Chisom said as she hung up on her.

Nkechi switching on the television that was hung up on the wall,tuned in to a musical channel dancing to the rhythm of the latest song being aired on the television oblivious of Chisom’s prescence in the parlour suddenly turned back seeing Chisom’s friends in the parlour standing by the door watching her dance to the rhythm of the song.

Good evening she greeted,as they all sat on the couch feeling tired after a hard days work.I never knew you still dance this much after all these years,I thought you would have stopped by now.Noo, Nkechi said, I still dance a lot infact dancing is one of my hobbies and I will not stop dancing soon.You know you can be a dance instructor if u want,yeah I know but I want to be like you, Nkechi said as she went into the kitchen to serve the food as she placed it on the dinning table.

C’mon girls let go party Chisom screamed happily as she and her friends came into the parlour looking beautiful and sexually appealing to the eyes.Nkechi, being the odd one among them wore her best cloth as she also came into the parlour, Chisom patting her on the back told her “You know big girls don’t wear this type of clothes in this part of the town, Lets go into my room and get you dressed” Chisom said as they both walked into the room together.

Tonia,Chisom’s friend was wowed by such an awesome beauty of Nkechi’s transformation as they all gave her a complimenting look.”You are very beautiful, Tonia said making eye contact with Chisom as she nodded her head in confirmation. Lets go before we get late to the party as they all briskly walked outside the gate, the neighbours giving a disdain look as they stopped a cab and boarded it to the venue.

Gate pass please, the bouncer said as he checked each invitee into the party. Chisom handing over the gate pass as he allowed them into the party.Nkechi looking round at the tastefully arranged hall,sumptous meals, expensive wines held by waiters all over the hall suddenly asked where are we??? Tonia answering, this is the party that we are attending tonight.I thought it was a house party,Nkechi said.

Hello honey, Tony greeted as they both kissed each other on the cheeks.You girls look so hot,he said as they all went to a table arranged for them.Sir, this is my friend Nkechi,Chisom introduced as she stood up to greet him.You look so gorgeous he said as his eyes ran through her body licking his lips softly.So what can I order for you because we’re going to enjoy the party tonight,just a glass of wine,they all said in unison.As Mr.Tony’s friends came,also sitting with them on the table.

Mr Fred, a successful banker working with one of the wonder generation banks in the nation accousted her at the party as they both made passes at each other.Mr.Fred, walking up to her complimented her beauty,handing her a glass of wine as he collected another glass of wine from one of the waiters passing by.

I’m Fred he said, stretching forth his hand as they shook.I work in a bank and you, I’m Nkechi she said,I accompained my best friend to the party.Then you must be lucky, Fred said because this party was hosted a high class individual and you are priviledged to attend, ‘thank you she said’.

My head hurts,I am feeling so dizzy Nkechi said as they walked sluggishly each of them being accompained by a man going their seperate ways.Nkechi ignorant of what was about to befall her hopped into Mr.Fred’s red saloon car as he drove her to a nearby hotel.Where are we she asked, as she could barely walk up the stairs.We are in a hotel,Fred replied as they both checked into their room.
Nkechi jumping onto the bed fell asleep, snoring loudly as Fred came to join her in bed clinching her to his waist,caressing her in pleasurable manners as she let out a soft moan.What are you doing, she shouted jumping off the bed.

Haha, don’t you enjoy it,he asked drawing close to her as she was covered in the sheet.I don’t like it she retorted stepping back slowly.Okay,I’ve heard you,can we now go back to sleep he said feeling ashamed of his actions.

Nkechi having a size 12 5”4 was a beautiful young girl which was the envy of all and that made her rode on the strides of pride having been endowed with the gift of nature slept peacefully on the couch fully aware of what might happen the next minute as she slept being conscious of her environment.

Good morning, she greeted Mr.Fred walking into the bathroom to go take her bath as he ignored her bowing his head to the ground pretending to be busy with what he was doing.I am talking to you she playfully teased him as he looked up to her in despair.I’m deeply sorry for what happened last night, I really did not know what came over me he said as he came close to her holding her hands as they both sat on the bed.You are very beautiful and no man would see you and not make passes at you.I guessed its the work of the devil but I promise to be a better man next time we meet.I have forgiven you Nkechi said as she scribbled her phone number on the paper handing it over to him.

I have to go now as my friends will be searching over for me.Okay let me take you to your house as I will love to see your friend also.As they got into the car,Fred drove into a restaurant where they had a nice meal for breakfast and also buying some takeaway for her friend also.

Where have you been, Chisom asked as she was worried about the whereabout of her friend.I have been with Fred all night as she was all smiles.Thank God you are safe Chisom said.This is my friend Fred,this is my best friend Chisom as she both introduced them to each other.You are truly beautiful and what a nice house you’ve got, he complimented.


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