Food as we all know has come to be a daily routine of our lives.We suffer from its consequences if we are under fed or if we are overfed bringing to bare the balance in consumption.

Different food plays different roles in our bodies as we all need food to grow and also live a proactive life.It’s become an indispensable tool in our daily activities as we may break down due to an imbalance.These break down may be caused by different factors which contribute to the growth of our body,eradicate harmful toxins and add to the suppleness of the skin.

I remember while growing up the adage which says “women’s education ends up in the kitchen’ which has become a fallacy today as women no longer take up their primary responsibility of taking care of their families and doing the cooking.Little wonder,do the younger generation of females cant cook neither can they be able to prepare the basic local dishes which soon becomes a herculean task for them bringing up flimsy excuses for not being able to cook.

The event of fast food restaurant, different food chains, local food vendors also have compounded the problem as we see females especially patronizing these people instead of preparing the food for themselves making them lazy and unresponsible.The advent of “the 3 minute food” as I always call it has made the female folks appreciate their not being able to cook which they cook so perfectly well and not being able to prepare their local dishes as perfect as it, what a shame…

This brings me to the discussion I had with my friends about the argument that Men cooks better than Females. Remembering my childhood days during the festive period, I remember my dad always being the one waking up very early to prepare Bread and Tea with fried egg by its side, a kind I’ve never seen prepare and I sometimes ask myself, ‘how did he prepare it so well even better than the ones prepared by my female siblings and friends.

When you look at the world’s top chefs, majority are male. You might ask yourself, why is this so? Well I’ve been asking myself this question for some time and therefore have been making observations at all sorts of people who cook- friends,family,professionals, amateur cooks, and even our local food vendors. As a matter of fact,the world’s most famous and top earning chefs are men, at least most of them. It can be seen that men have far excelled in professional cooking more than women which should not be the case. But what about home cooking, are men performing the same or better at home? I am not sure about this… And are there any man better than women at every aspect of cooking? Again, I am not sure about this either.

I have often times heard my female friends say they prefer their male friends cook and I ask them why, it’s more delicious and satisfying they all say but none seems to give me a satisfactory answer about why they prefer their male friends cooking for them.

Back in my university days, I particularly remember my friend who actually do all the cooking while his girlfriend lazy about boasting to all her friends how her boyfriend cooks for her and even goes to the extent of dishing out the food. And a day came,I asked her to cook which she felt reluctant about but later obliged to do the cooking. After eating the food which she prepared, I found out the reason why he never allow his girlfriend cook.The food was so salty,properly uncooked ,peppery and without taste. I just ate the food out of trial and error and I asked myself, Oh Woman, where is thy Pride???

Looking back at what I observed. I noticed the discrepancies when both prepare their meals, some women’s cooking is often is so poor at home because ”it’s largely performed as a matter of necessity”. or ”Women pay more attention to detail and therefore are superior to men in the kitchen”. or “there are many more famous male chefs around the world than there are female just as there are famous music composers, orchestra conductors and artists, but that is not to say women can’t cook.

Whereas when men cook,they tend to prepare their delicacies in a creative way,which are always appealing to the eyes and sumptious to taste.This I learnt in one of my working experiences working with a Gourmet Bakery where I saw on firsthand the executive chef prepare all kinds of meals ranging from our local dishes even the continental ones we see being aired on the television.

Cooking, most times are entertaning to men as they create new recipes out of the local foods we have.Eating out in a restaurant is discovered that men do the kitchen having to stand all day long enduring the heat in the kitchen and staying up drawing menus to be prepared.

On the other hand, most women cook out of its necessity that they are obliged to.They tend not to prepare their meals out of passion but of the need to satisfy their bellies clamoring for food.It takes a woman with passion to endear many with her delicious cuisines and an apt understanding of the latest trends in the food industry. This makes them feel pushed to the back as it seems the industry is being taken over by men which primarily is their responsibility.

The golden days when we see women cook passionately being assisted by their children is passing away with the advent of ”the three minute foods” which are being introduced daily into our food market having no nutritional value but enriching the producers at the expense of the masses.What we say or do about this menace is up to us as our younger generations will be left with no choice than to eat out in restaurants.

In fact,any body can make a good cook either a male or female, but the ability to be a good cook lies within us.We are so blessed with an abundance of good source of ingredients, passionate people who have the passion for preparing good food who are also tired of eating junks. There is therefore the need to cultivate a healthy lifestyle as eating out in a restaurant proves difficult in knowing who prepare the meal we eat there.


  1. Honestly , i go for women because they are taught frim childhood.
    Secondly, men mostly don’t study cartering and all dish related courses.
    My mum is an example , she is a wonderful cook.but my dad no , no .

  2. The way I see it, women are naturally endowed with the susceptibility to know how to cook well. Men, on the other hand, may have to groom an affection towards cooking. Although in the long run, men have shown to be ‘the man’ even when it comes to cooking contest.

  3. Basically, I applaud the last paragraph that points out the importance of having basic cooking knowledge as we are unsure of the kind of hands and processes eat out places employ.

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