Indecent dressing: A wound too far to be healed

Growing up used to be fun for us as we all play naked outside the house irrespective of who passes or who throw tantrum at us.It was fun seeing our parents buy clothes for us and as we all know they would go for those ones we would grow into, even when at our disapproval they have this stare that tells us to behave even if we don’t want to.

In the days of our fore fathers as I was told,men would dare not wear clothes that would expose their bodies neither will they wear trousers too clinged to their skin,they would rather wear clothes that could be used to sew another kind even when loosed up. The only exception to this was the Afro hairstyle which they wore irrespective of the beauty . Looking at my dad’s pictures when he was younger attests to this fact that there was a high degree of moral decency when compared to our own generation.

The female folks also were not left out as they wore clothes too big that made them the envy of all.Even when they wear them,one would not be able to fathom the grace they carry even in their timid states.Investigating this issue, I was told that any woman who put on trousers was seen as an abomination to the town thereby gathering all the older female folks in front of the lady’s house who committed the abominable act.They would make mockery of her,gathering all the children making them sing songs that will kill her high spirit even if she was the most beautiful among them.They would also summon her up for interrogations which sometimes dehumanizes the lady involved.Little wonder, the female folks were highly loved and respected.

As the new centuries began unfolding, we started experiencing paradigm shifts in our dressing culture as our traditional kind of clothes began disappearing on a fast pace.Men no longer wear clothes too big on them rather they would prefer wearing clothes exposing their bodies to an extent.The females abandoning their traditional clothes started wearing clothes introduced to us by the Western people, a culture we know nothing about.

This phase of Westernization has done us much harm rather than the good it was intended for.Clothes are worn to cover all parts of our bodies and not to expose some parts which makes us to be addressed properly taking cognizance of the statement that says “you are addressed the way you dress”. True to this fact, we are what we wear because it exposes our inner character and the kind of person we are.

The reasons for dressing has been abused as we see both the males and females dressing in an indecent manner.The Western culture also has it’s portion to be blamed as these pop stars portray indecent dressing as being descent.

In our 21st century, we see all manner of dresses that’s been introduced into the market daily.Sitting down in my balcony, I began to ponder on these thoughts as I remembered we all have a role to play in not allowing indecency ruin our lives even for the sake of our little children.

Please permit me to say that some of our parents have failed us, they themselves buy these clothes for their children not minding the image they portray.Our Parents, we the younger generation are pleading that you yourselves become our role models and help us into becoming what we were originally created to become and not copy cats.

This has also been seen in our Universities today as everybody try to wear beautiful clothes to out dress the other making them loose focus and their attention shifted to other trivial things.The boys no longer wear their trousers on their waist anymore as they now wear their trousers below their waists calling it “sagging” not finding out the original intention of sagging which was worn by prisoners abroad when being jailed. The female folks also takes advantage of this menace and dress soo indescently making them naked.They wear clothes that are revealing, also exposing the sacred parts of their bodies all in the name of fashion.

This indecency among the female folks has sometimes caused them to be raped by their male counterparts as men are moved by what they see making them react to raping them. Taking a survey in a female hostel,I saw all manners of dresses and i asked my self this pertinent question ”Is this a citadel of learning or a slum??? This got me thinking for days.

Even the Bible spelt it out clearly that “God beseech us therefore,brethren, by the mercies of God, that we present our bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is our reasonable service (ROM 12:1). This depicts that God also advocates decency in our daily living.Exposing our bodies does not make us beautiful rather does it make us sexy, but it exposes our carelessness and obscene lifestyle which is not an acceptable norm in the society. What can we say about this issue because it’s now become a wound that is too far to be healed until we take desperate measures to curb this menace it will continue eating deep into us.

So when going for your shopping, please ask yourself this question,”Does this cloth bring out the beauty in me or does it reveal my ulterior motive? Only then would we begin to appreciate the value of descent dressing.

Please our beloved parents, correct us when we go wrong, do not blink an eye as we could be given over to destruction.Correct us when we dress indecently,rebuke us for not wearing the right clothes only then we will begin to appreciate descent dressing.

What can we say about this issue because it’s now become a wound that is too far to be healed until we take desperate measures to curb this menace it will continue eating deep into us.

20 thoughts on “Indecent dressing: A wound too far to be healed

  1. I think it all starts with how we think. Generally, most blacks need some therapy lol I’m sorry to say; cos I don’t know why it’s the wrong side of the Western world that appeals us.

  2. We don’t copy their advancement in education, and a host of other nation building sectors; but wrong habits, fashions from the west appeal to us.

  3. I believe this problem can still be corrected when we become parents. We can choose to raise our children with the many good morals we parade on social space.

  4. I don’t know what some youths who are leaders of tomorrow benefit in dressing in an indecent way.exposing their bodies .
    Orientation should be carried out to curb this menace.

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