How do I sleep in a Night Vigil without the Church Ushers Disturbing Me?

I have had a very stressful day and feel completely drained.

From series of house chores that engaged me up till about 2 pm, to visiting the market to buy grocery that the whole house will be using for the month (I spent more than 3 hours in the market); I feel completely stressed out and just want to sleep.

Now it is night and my Mum wants me to prepare for our Church’s night vigil.

How do I escape this?
I know my mum is very religious and will never allow me stay back to sleep, so the only option I have is to sleep right there in the church.
But of course, you know those church ushers and how wicked they can be.

Somebody help me fast; I need a smart idea on how I can catch some good sleep.

A friend suggested that I should;
1. Attend the vigil
2. Wait for the right atmosphere during the prayer session and shout out “Jesus” 3 times (very loudly)
3. Run out to the pulpit where there is usually a nice rug and roll on the floor three times (while murmuring what nobody will understand).
4. Then position myself very well and, … sleep off.

My friend said that at this point, everyone will move away from me, and our Pastor will even tell the Ushers “leave her, don’t touch her”.

Will this work?
I feel like getting the opinion of the Sabyfy Community on this advice from my friend.
Also, is there any other suggestion on how I can catch some sleep?

22 thoughts on “How do I sleep in a Night Vigil without the Church Ushers Disturbing Me?

  1. Since you said your mum is religious , your left with no option than giong with her.
    To me , i prefer you explain to her that you had a hectic day and will not be fit to go for the vigil.
    But necessity remains the mother of invention. so go , when you get there, go to the back seat and sleep .if the usher dusturbs you, tell them that your meditating on the word and not sleeping.

  2. hahahahahahahaa
    please if your mum insists you go with her and you cant talk her out of it. Please go with her,play along just be sensitive to the right moment and then pretend you want to urinate and go into the children’s church and have a good sleep.This happened to me and this is what I dis exactly and it worked for me

  3. Abeg, despite laughing so hard right now, I believe you don’t have to go if you don’t want to or feel up it. At a point, you should start doing things for you.

  4. On the second thought , sleeping in the church could be very dangerous because the demons that is cast out of people could enter someone sleeping.
    So , the best option should anyone be in such dilemma again is to explain and sit at home

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