Nkechi’s First Travel Experience to Lagos, Nigeria PART 2


Both parents with a suprised look asked HOW???
I’ve noticed the love you both shared, you do things in common and the love of yours grow stronger everyday, she said. My dear, her mother said,it’s just our experiences we encountered on the journey of life when building our marriage that’s made us this way, we didn’t grow to become what we’ve become overnight. Why do you ask, Nkechi’s dad interrupted as he was bewildered by his daughter’s statement.It’s just because of what I experienced on my first travel to Lagos.
That reminds me,what happened to you when you traveled to Lagos because I noticed you became cold when you came back home so soon. With a sober look on her face with tears dripping down her eyes, she started narrating her ordeal on arriving the Metropolitan city of Lagos.

Stadium, Ojota the conductor screamed at the top of his voice on arriving Ojota park as Nkechi alighted the bus she was traveling in with her luggages and clinching unto her bag tightly. She quickly brought her phone out of her hand bag to see who was calling “hello dad, she greeted as she smiled over the phone,I am at Ojota park now though I have called Chisom and she said she will be here in an hour time ,just be careful her dad advised as he told her that Lagos is a no man’s land, I will she replied as she hung up the phone.Few hours later, Chisom arrived the park, on seeing her Nkechi hurriedly ran hugging her as she was suprised to see how big and beautiful she had become.

Chisom, she shouted with excitement in her voice, what’s happened to you that you have become this fat.Na God oh my sister, Chisom replied,get into the car and let’s go gome as we wouldn’t want to create a scene here.They both got into the car as Chisom drove the car, there was Nkechi observing the beautiful city she’s soo longed to visit. So how is your mom and dad, Chisom asked ,they are fine oh Nkechi replied as you know they both love themselves very much.I envy them a lot Chisom said not my kind of parents that fights constantly.Hmm, Nkechi sighed, God will bring peace among them AMEN they both said.As Chisom drove into a luxurious restaurant where they both had a nice meal and some few drinks.

Thereafter, Chioma drove into a luxurious house,tastefully furnished with the latest electronic gadgets in her house,beautifully designed with the best paint and a portrait of herself placed in the parlor.On entering the living room,Nkechi looked round admiring the beauty of the parlor sitting down tiredly on the chair after a hectic journey.

As Chisom went into the kitchen to prepare her a locally made delicious meal of akpu and egusi soup which they both ate discussing their old times happily.Hmm,how time flies Nkechi said as she took a look again at the beautiful living room wondering in her heart where Chisom got the money from in living such a luxurious lifestyle.

Chisom, Nkechi called out to her as she was busy in the kitchen washing the dishes after they’ve finished eating.How did u get the money to live in such a house as this, furnish your parlor and keep up with this life style.My sis, Chisom answered, it’s God ooo I don’t even know how to explain how God’s been soo faithful to me all these years in this beautiful city hiding her real source of wealth and flamboyant lifestyle from her.

I really want to be like you Nkechi said as she walked upstairs into the room to go take her shower still admiring the beauty of the whole house.She came back into the parlour to join Nkechi on the couch after having her bath they both continuing their conversation.You said you want to be like me,Chisom said to Nkechi, yes now she answered,do you think you would be the only one living and enjoying life like this??? I also want to live in a better house than yours,own my own cars and open a big boutique where I will promote and sell my own fashion brand she said as Chisom listened attentively to her.I’ve heard you my friend,lets go sleep,its late already as I don’t want to wake up late tomorrow morning Chisom said.

Good morning, Nkechi yawned as she got down to sweep the house,how was your night Chisom replied as she got into the bathroom to take her bath and prepare for the day’s activity.Wow you are looking soo beautiful as Nkechi admired Chisom who was about leaving the house,thank you Chisom said.

Ehen, take this five thousand naira for your upkeep and buy anything you need for yourself today as I don’t know if I’ll be coming back early today.Nkechi gaped,knelt down and thanked her as she collected the money,no you don’t have to do that,please rise up Chisom said politely you don’t have to kneel please, what are friends for we’ve been friends since childhood so please stop it because you are making me feel embarassed.
Thank you once again,Nkechi said as she accompained Chisom as she boarded a bike as it drove off.
Nkechi got back into the house, took her phone and dialed her dad, ”hello dad, she greeted as they talked over the fone, Nkechi narrating her experiences in Chisom’s house, just be careful her dad advised as all that glitters are not gold,try finding out from your friend how she makes her money and live the lifestyle she lives her dad told her” thank you dad, I’ve heard what you said I wont disappoint you as she said and hung up the phone.

Hmm, Nkechi said to herself after pondering on what she discussed with her dad telling herself she will make soo much money in the town not disappointing her dad.She then feel asleep only to be woken up to the rumbling of her stomach indicating she needed something to eat.She sluggishly stood up from the bed,looking at the beautiful wall clock hung in the room,saying to herself,”how did I sleep this long”, yawning as well as she walked into the kitchen to prepare herself a sumptious meal of rice and stew with chicken grabbing a bottle of coke alongside as she ate hungrily on the dinning table.

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