I sat in my room thinking about what had had happened to me previously about my discussion with my mother.
Here I am,sitting all day doing nothing at home as my husband provides all that is needed for the house and I am enjoying it all but dying deep inside of me seeking to venture out into the world and make money of my own never being dependent on my husband for all my needs.
Truth be told I needed to start fending for my own and stop being dependent.Its not about my husband this time I said but myself,my kids and my family.Then comes what is needed in the house,the groceries and all that is needed in the house.
Waiting on God for a solution I fell asleep being awaken by my husbands kiss on my forehead.Good evening honey I greeted as I sluggishly climbed down the bed, grabbed his suitcase putting it on the table beside the king sized bed in our room.How was work today I asked as I went into the kitchen to prepare him his dinner.
Honey there is something I want to discuss with you I said as we both sat together to eat.What is that he asked I said fidgeting as I was afraid to tell him, please stop this prank of yours he said as he looked me deep in my eyes.I want to start working i said as he listened attentively,I want to start contributing to the well being of the family.
I cant just sit at home all day doing nothing just taking care of the babies.I want to stop being a sit-at-home mom she said as she bore a sad face.I know baby her husband said, I am working towards that he said as he held her hands,thank you honey she said as they walked into the room.
Mom is back Chidi shouted as he ran to hug his mom.Good evening ma,he greeted as he collected her hand bag from her as they both walked into the living room.Oh my God she said out of exhaustion as she slipped her shoes off her legs, I am so tired,work was very stressful she thought as she slept off waking up to the noises of her children shouting mom I am hungry they screamed as she walked to the kitchen to prepare their meal.
Meal is ready she shouted as they ran down to join her in the dinning room.Mrs Tonia,a senior executive with an established Insurance company in the highbrow city of Abuja working round the clock making sure she makes end meet just divorced from her husband due to the fact she does not have time for her husband and also a career woman walking upwards the strides of human achievements in the insurance sector having made a good name for herself and a good fortune for a woman of her class and status.
Don’t be too surprised at this, it’s the reality, and for the guys among us who are looking for full-time housewives, I think now is the time to rethink your stand as your wife only gets better if she works.
Women have many skills, and for any reasonable man, it’s always best to try harness those skills and use them to the best possible degree. When your wife is working, she just becomes the queen of tasks.
She can do a whole lot of things without wimping or slowing She can have her attention on many things, and that’s a priceless gift, both at home and at work.
Time management is yet another skill your wife develops when she works and takes care of the baby.
She would be able to set considerably reasonable time for each task, and she will be doing her best to hit the target and move on to the next, a skill that’s invaluable in any working environment.
Let your wife work, and in no time, she may be made a team leader as working moms are some of the most organized set of people you would ever meet.
She is ready to put in more effort, shout and repeatedly correct a person, and that will only make her endearing.


  1. Nice..
    Being a full housewife in this time and age??
    If you say you’re a woman being idle is not one of our attribute….
    To overcome struggle you hustle

  2. I love this write up, it emphasise more on our lifestyle in the family, a woman should be able to balance her career with her family. That’s why they have to learn to manage their time well, to spend time with their husband’s and children.

  3. Patriarchy system has killed the society. Everyone irrespective of gender should play a role in the family. We should also inculcate this habit into our kids, from a young age they should be working or earning money; it will better our societal systems.

  4. There was a whole lot of “She said” and “He said” at the beginning of the story.

    Nevertheless, whether sit-at-home moms or working-class moms, all depends on the understanding of the couple.

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