Nkechi’s First Travel Experience to Lagos, Nigeria

her mother shouted as she came back to life deep in thoughts thinking about what happened to her in the strange land of Lagos.
Yes mother,she said turning to look at her with a downtrodden stare. What are you thinking about, she asked in a quiet and gentle manner.
Nothing she answered, looking up at the ceiling.
Its okay, her mum said with tears dripping down her cheeks as they both hugged each other consoling themselves in their arms.
It will be alright but you must forget what happened because its in the past.I am trying hard to but the more I forget the more vivid i remember.
I know said her mother but with time it will pass.
Okay, lets not talk about this anymore Nkechi said to her mother as they both held hands walking into the living room.
You know your father will be back soon so lets go prepare him dinner when he comes you know I don’t want my husband starved she said as she walked back into the living room.
On finishing her statement she heard her husband car honking at the gate.
“Adamu, open the gate!” Mr.Andrew shouted as Adamu hurriedly went to open the gate.
“Oga, welcome sir, me I no know say you don come come back” as he closed the gate as he took his suit case and jacket walking beside him entering the parlour as he dropped his case and jacket on the chair.
Welcome honey, his wife greeted as they both hugged in warm embrace. How was work today she asked loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt.
Work was fine but stressful he answered.
Mr.Andrew, Nkechi’s dad, a senior manager in The Hubs company was a successful man having good and impressive educational background working for a company which beautifully electrify a house with the state of the art technology living in a tastefully furnished duplex in the highbrow part of the metropolitan city of Lagos.

“Where is Nkechi my daughter?” he asked lovingly as he perceived an aroma coming out of the kitchen.
He tiptoed into the kitchen, stood by the door as he watched how expertly his daughter prepared dinner.
You will make a great cook as he complimented his daughter, on hearing that she turned looking at her dad and greeted good evening dad, how are you he answered as he walked back into the living room to listen to the network news that was being read.
You must be smelling Mrs.Tochi said as she came into the parlor sitting beside her husband.I know he said as he walked upstairs into his room to go have his bath.
Nkechi isn’t the food ready she asked yawning slightly,salivating to the aroma of the food.
Its almost ready,just a few minutes more Nkechi answered as she began serving the food.Foods ready Mrs.Tochi shouted as her husband came down into the dinning room.
As they ate, Nkechi fiddling with her spoon,her dad watching closely asked “My daughter whats wrong with you that you arent eating??? Nothing, she answered as her mom gave her a suspicious look.Its just that I have been thinking about something for a while now.Whats that he asked as he dropped his spoon on the plate.
I have been observing you and mom lately and I have noticed the bond between you two, both parents with a surprised look asked HOW???

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  1. I read through with the hope of learning about what happened in her travel from Lagos.

    I hope the continuation will contain that?

    Anyways, it is okay.

  2. thanks all ma wonderful friends and your lovely comments.I am highly elated
    Please Olayemi,you could visit the page as I have already updated the continuation. As we keep the suspense in anticipation for the next episode

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