The Fire. (continuation)

“The King must have been casted under their spell too
o” I scratched my head in disbelieve; was lost in mixture
of thoughts. King Ahab’s negligence and wickedness
had cost the people rain for the past three years. His
wife, the head of witches, didn’t make matter easier.
Together with the rest of the people, we boarded a bus
and charged towards the King’s palace. Silence swept
across their faces in turns; not even consoling words
from the scriptures meant a thing to them. Crack Jokes?
don’t even go there.
“Driver, I beg move this bus faster jurr” Jay the
fisherman murmured from the back seat in annoyance.
We soon arrived at the palace before sun set.
The entrance to the palace was lavishly littered with
gold, beautiful maids dressed in colorful apparels
danced ceremoniously.
Life was different around the palace compared to the
abject poverty and serial injustice that dominate the
streets where common men live.
“Elijah Elijah, you can come to my Palace, wonders shall
never end sha” King Ahab pretentiously smiled, adjusted
the crown on his head and clapped his thick hands in
annoyance and disdain. “but.. Bt…” I stammered.
“You have been the reason why Rain never fell all this
while and you aren’t even scared to drag your muddy
feet into my palace, and what have you come to do this
time around again?!” he shouted, as the guards ushered
us into his presence.
“ To kill me abi?” he said, his eyes already turned red,
hot flames of fire ravaged it. I pretended as though his
continence scared me;
“No o, God forbid, I dare not touch the King” I said.
“Guards, Guards, come in” he shouted, hefty bouncers
rushed in. They boasted heavy chests and only needed
to use a finger to haul up an average man from the floor
like a needle.
My heart almost escaped me when they approached.
“Lord, come and have your way” I sighed while trying to
block negative thoughts from getting my password.
“Man of God, let’s run away before we get strangled o”
some the people around me pleaded. I began to wonder
why they came in the first place.
“Never, The power of Baal must be put to shame today” I
reaffirmed with mountainous boldness. It was evident
that the Holy Spirit had already begun working, as the
king’s hefty men crashed at one side of the floor while
trying to touch me.
The people around had veils opened from their eyes
instantly as they could recognize the men that just
dined with the King:
They were the same set of men who had been
kidnapping, raping, and extorting money from people
falsely. They parade themselves as Prophets of Baal;
they were also Prophets of doom. The worse part is that
the King himself endorsed these guys secretly. He
them for charms and sends them on devilish
The palace became tensed as people poured into the
palace in thousands just to catch glimpses of what had
been happening. The prophets of Baal knew that there
wasn’t an escape route and could only show their true
“Elijah we know you very well” one of the men spoke
“you chose to interfere in what doesn’t concern you but
today today we will show you that we are greater than
you,” a tall man with pot belly perceived to be their ring
leader puffed without caution.
News spread across the country, people trooped into the
palace in outrageous numbers; all were confused of
whose power is greatest.
I didn’t waste time to challenge the king and his yeye
false prophets to a contest at the city centre located in
mount Carmel. The king confidently ordered for several
space buses, and vans to conveign people to the city
centre located in Mount Camel. Several blogs had
already taken up the breaking news online: THERE WILL
“This whole scenario will really announce God” I was
reveling in thought. Some of the people walked up to
me, wanting to know how sure I was with challenging
the king’s boys.
“Em sir, hope…em..em, this your decision wont back-fire
o” a young fervent man at the edge of the bus said, as
we drove towards mount camel. I smiled uncontrollably
at the in-depth of his unbelief. I ordered for chinchin
and a chill Fanta from the highway hawkers, no fear – no
Many of them were skeptical but I had the believe that
nothing was going to change what God would do in the
presence of all the people at Mount Camel.
“Don’t worry young man; the truly living God will grant
me victory” I smiled.
CNN, AL-JAZEERA, and a host of other information
channels were heavily present at mount carmel. People
were really going eto behold the God of Elijah today
today, I thought in my heart as we walked to the
It was meant to be the day of Fire, but the best musical
artists were performing live with fanfare. Disco songs,
hip hop hit music from the dopiest artists from
Damascus and Samaria were on the beat. The event
being taken serious by me was almost turned into a
party galore. I could see the Prophets of Baal; drunk in
their self-believe that they would call down fire, they
were combining both shoki and dabbing together as
they danced in shameless merriment. But people were
looking somewhat eager to see whose God would send
down fire.
“Stop these nonsense”I requested King Ahab unpolitely,
“provide us with the two bullocks needed for the
contest. Each of us would call on our God separately to
send fire down to burn the pieced bullocks.” I reminded
him, incase he was hit by amnesia.”
“Are you sure you won’t be very disgraced when my
prophets send down fire to burn their own bullocks and
your so called God cannot send fire to consume your
own bullock” King Ahab said, smiling widely. He was
getting high on the latest Champagne in town that was
ordered for him from USA last night, so I didn’t really
give him a response.
People began to concentrate on the contest as the
prophets of Baal began to scream, call and shout for fire
to burn their pieces of bullock. Not even the microphone
they used to shout made a spark. “The poor kids would
have had another sumptuous meal with the fat meats
from the bullock this yeye prophets of Baal just wasted
o.” some funny thoughts flashed my mind,
“Mtsheeew, task-payers money has been wasted again” I
thought silently. If we even tried to retrieve the meats
after their vain call for fire, it would be useless; several
of them had splited thick irritating saliva on the whole
They cut themselves with lasers, fresh blood gushed out
in turns; perhaps just to draw sympathy from their deaf
and dead god.
The whole mount Carmel was dumbfounded in awe.
“So these people don’t even have power, nawao” a fair
lady screamed, she didn’t know whether she should
laugh at the absurdity of the prophets of Baal, or rejoice
that the whole populace will be delivered from their

Facebook, Twitter, snapchat news feeds were already
littered with the stories of the doom of the prophets of
The King sat hopelessly, the prophets of Baal had
dropped jaws. The people marveled and watched as fire
gushed down from heaven to burn the Bullock to ashes
the moment the name of the Lord God of Isreal was
called upon.

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