It was just like every other day in church. I was busy as usual, playing the piano and attending to other services when my sister called me. She didn’t really speak, she handed over her phone and continued her business. I got the message, she wanted me to check the page on the screen and I did. What did I see, a writing competition. My Sis could just have knew I love writing as much as i love eating . Seeing on the page top “Retell Writing Competition” got all my attention. I sat down and began to read. Completion May2*- July 12……rewrite Bible story in a fun way. I smiled and said to myself “I can do this”. I handed back my sister’s phone and said, ‘ submission ends by July… Too long, but I’ll get my entry ready by June.’ Then I went back to my normal business, completely oblivious of the competition timeline.
Some days later, May 27 or so, I sat by my reading table, brought out a book and wrote, “THE WHITENING GREED”. I was prepared to write about the tragedy of Gehazi for retelling. I prepared the story plot and decided it would be a drama like the sample on Sabyfy. I divided the story into acts and scenes for better review whenever I choose to write the story. I was blindly ignorant of the fact that competition entries was closing that same night…. What a mess.
Almost everyday I check Sabyfy homepage for new entries and how to develop mine. But then, I noticed something, all entries stopped on May 27. I became pensive and decided to have a close view of the website and retell page precisely. That very June 1morning, for the first time ever, I saw the competition timeline. Mouth ajar, I clicked the page, and to my unbelievable surprise, entry had closed since May27. I began to sweat with no exercise, I contacted my sister almost immediately. She said she was also surprised when she saw it.
Everything in me told me it was over, except my spirit. Meanwhile, I had started a biblical series on facebook just some days before. So that day, I forgot about my earlier prescribed story and copied it, completed it and posted it on Sabyfy with a pics I downloaded. I knew it may not be accepted, but I submitted it anyway. Then I began to check, day after day for any improvement. Really there was, because some days later, I saw ‘The Unexpected’ on Sabyfy homepage.
And today is quite similar to that morning, as I check for my unseen name amidst the top 16. But yet, in this mood I can’t explain, I say thank you to Sabyfy for teaching me punctuality and ‘NO’ to procrastination……… Endless words.

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  1. You know that punctuality is the soul of business , so as procrastination thief of time.i believe that after this your “interestingly bitter experience ” you wont’t procrastinate again .Another lesson from SABYFY.

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