Result of First Round and Information on Second Round of the Retell Writing Contest

Hello Retellers,

We apologize for the slight delay in announcing the results.
There were quite a number of good and inspiring entries that made the selection process a bit more tedious.

However,the following people were able to make the cut to the second round:

1. Benson Isaac
2. Stefn Sylvester Anyataonwu
3. Bismark Benson
4. Eleanya Ndukwe Jr.
5. James Sunday
6. Deji Priscilla
7. Evan Promise
8. Onwuzu Dika
9. Oge Ginika
10. Ada Nnadi
11. Ekpo Ezechinyere
12. Emudianughe Prudence
13. Modester Chinonyelum
14. Nkami Emori
15. Priye Bokumo
16. Michael Emmanuel.

The timetable for the second round (duels) is as follows:

9/6/17 : Benson Isaac vs Oge Ginika

11/6/17 : Stefn Sylvester Anyataonwu vs Ada Nnadi

13/6/17 : Bismark Benson vs Ekpo Ezechinyere

15/6/17 : Eleanya Ndukwe Jr. Vs Emudianughe Prudence

17/6/17 : James Sunday vs Modester Chinonyelum

19/6/17: Deji Priscilla vs Nkami Emori

21/6/17 : Evan Promise vs Priye Bokumo

23/6/17 : Onwuzu Dika vs Michael Emmanuel.

For all the participants in this round, your themes shall be given to you two days before your duel. You are to submit your entry to by latest 6:30am on the morning of your duel. Failure to do so leads to automatic disqualification.

When your entries are put up on the Sabyfy website, you can share the link on your social media pages. However, do not tell people which story is yours.

To vote, one needs to comment “I vote story 1” or “I vote story 2” on the post made. One cannot vote more than once.

Voting starts by 8am on the day of each duel and ends by 8pm on that same day. Hence, there are 12 hours allotted to voting.

General public votes carry 1 mark. Judge votes carry 100 marks.

Thank you for coming this far with us.

Oya bring the thunder.

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