THE FIRE {1st Kings 18 retold}

As they approached, I could notice their faces were
pelted with sadness. I wondered what had happened.
They broke into ugly cries, held my imported well ironed
garment at the tip, rolled their feeble kneels on the
muddy floor. I had to protect my newly bought rolex
wristwatch so that somebody wouldn’t spoil it for me as
they cried uncontrollably. I had only left these people for
few years; wondered what misery befell them so
seriously while I was away.
“Uncle Elijah where shall we start from!” they screamed
like choirs going on ballistic tones;
Is someone dead? I asked shockingly, looking
flabbergasted. “No, but em-….” One of these people –
who happens to live in my area – stammered.
“Ok, what’s the matter Aunty, you are scaring somebody
now?” I asked, fixing my gaze at her hoping to have a
clue of what predicament had befallen them.
“Ah, Uncle Elijah, these juju men have finished us ni o!
I’m yet to pay my children’s school fees; who will save
me now,” tears rolled down her smooth cheek as she sat
uncomfortably on her knees, beckoning on anything
dangerous to strike the ones behind their early morning
“Yeepa” I yelled in vivo. I stood there confused like
someone who missed the road. Ok thank God in my
years in the ministry, different cases have been brought
before me and God has been faithful in solving them. I
knew there’s wouldn’t be an exception. Madam Rab –
the one who likes to jump at anything free in the
community – summoned the courage to unwrap the
misery behind their state of sadness.
“ Baba, Some men … have have.. been duping our
families huge sum of money lately without us being in
our right senses”
“They promised to stock our shop with goods – at a
cheaper price – but since a week ago now, nobody has
contacted us, their phone numbers are switched off but
an unknown number texted us this morning that we
should forget about our money. It seemed they are from
Samaria. Where shall we start from, man of God?” they
chorused.” I became shocked. “Are you for real?” I
screamed: the shining briefcase in my hands containing
bible study materials and my Techno phantom tablet fell
down as though my hands got paralyzed in despair. One
of the men who came with them had a bitter story to
tell. He narrated how his long time fiancé was snatched
from him by some men also. Another barren lady relayed
how much she has spent in futility in the hands of some
set of men who called themselves Prophets. I stood their
very amazed.
“So all these things have been happening since I left
this place” I baffled, shook my head like agama lizard
that missed the chance to feed on a fat fly.
I felt a strong pity as I watched them narrate their
horrendous ordeals.
Story To be continued ====

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