Does Indomie, Dangote or other Instant Noodles discolour your Urine?

Hello everyone, please I’d like to know what your experience with instant noodles is like.


I have discovered that whenever I eat instant noodles, be it Dangote or Indomie, my urine will become very dark (like yellowish), such that it can even discolour the clean water in the toilet.

This is not withstanding all the water that I have to drink after consuming noodles, as it also makes me very thirsty.

So I have been wondering why exactly this happens, and it has been a source of worry to me.


Does this in anyway suggest that eating instant noodles might not be good for the health?


I tried to surf the internet and learnt that noodles is highly processed food that lacks nutritive value, and contains high level of sodium.  And high-sodium foods can cause hypertension, heart disease, stroke, kidney damage and some other dangerous health problems.


Hmm… na wa o.


Sometimes also, when I consume noodles more often, I tend to feel sick in a way that I cannot even explain properly, like slight shakes (tremors) and internal heat on my legs and arms.

So I am hoping that I can use Sabyfy platform to learn about your experiences.


Please use the comment section to share your health-relate experiences with consuming noodles.

17 thoughts on “Does Indomie, Dangote or other Instant Noodles discolour your Urine?

  1. The yellow colouration of urine doesn’t signify that you’re sick or unhealthy. I particularly after having some coloured drinks feel a change in my urine concentration, it’s just a matter of body system or sometimes the absorption of our food intakes. As for the feverish conditions you experience, it’s advisable for you to stay away from it, your body might be allergic to instant noodles.

  2. I have never noticed discolouration of the urine after eating instant noodles. .. but I totally agree it is not good for the health and should be taken once in a blue moon.

  3. Perfect responses above. Also don’t forget you might be allergic to noodles; maybe, just maybe, that’s why you experience such symptoms. So I advise you take close examinations to what happens exclusively when you take noodles.

  4. I think you notice this because you may a person that is very conscious of your health.

    As for me, I have never taken that into cognizance.

    All I know is that I have began to lose appetite for indomie.

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