The club house was hazy with cigarette smoke. Drinks flowed endlessly like fountains infusing dancers with the energy needed for wild gyrations. A continuum of songs filled with lurid lyrics kept blaring out of speakers.

In all these, Pastor Hosea felt like a fish out of water, he had never visited a club before talk more of one filled with such high sexual tension. Nursing his glass of water, he wondered whether he had been smart at all making a move like this even if it was in the bid of saving souls. Thing is he had always avoided such places since he gave his life to Christ but recently, he had started feeling a strong pull any time he passed such establishments especially this one “The pussy cats”’. There was an unabated yearning for the souls of the people that made this place their haunt that had consumed him. This was what had informed his decision of bringing tracts and looking for an opportunity to talk to one or two customers to save them from hell. However, he did not envisage the numbers of almost naked call girls that frequented the club at night.

He was about leaving when he heard her voice, husky and laced with honey.

“Hello, lover boy, looking for me,” the voice asked.

He looked back and was stunned at the vision that was before him. Radiant and beautiful, he could not believe that she was a call girl judging by her dressing. The man of God had never seen a more beautiful woman.

Numb and dumb, he could not reply but shoved a tract into her hand and ran out of the door with unbelievable alacrity.

That night he saw her in his dreams, with an insouciant smile, beckoning him to join her on a swing. The wild abandon with which she rode into the air magnetized him and he reached out, moving in slow motion fashion towards her…then he woke.

Two days later, he was back at the club, this time specifically looking for her. He found out that her name was Gomer and could not stay away from her magnetic attraction. Sitting together as she puffed a cigar and blew smoke sometimes into his face, he realized he enjoyed her company. Being with her was about the closest thing to preaching on the altar, something that made him come alive like no other. He was surprised that her quaffing snifter after snifter of cocktails did not put him off or the fact that she had had countless abortions. Pastor Hosea could not stay away from this lady who was as alike to him as chalk to cheese.

He felt his heart had betrayed him. It took him a while to come to the conclusion that he was in love with the lady of the night and had so much peace about it. This fact actually made him reel with astonishment. Light and darkness had nothing in common but a peace that was beyond understanding saturated his soul.

A few months down the line, he proposed and they got married. The wedding was one that shocked everyone especially the members of his congregation. Goody two shoes, Pastor Hosea married to a lady of questionable virtue, with multiple earrings, nose ring, tattoos and an ankle bracelet was beyond belief. They had even heard she smoked like a chimney and drank like a dehydrated fish.

He was a model of the perfect husband. Romantic getaways, breakfast in bed, trips on a gondola in Venice and so on littered their lives. He even sent her back to school for quality education. Theirs was a fairy tale better than the movie Pretty Woman until he came home one day and found out that she had run away with their handsome neighbour…..


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