Tamar was beautiful. Very beautiful. She had blue eyes, straight cut face, mild cheek bones, slim torso, firm ample breasts, well-rounded hips and perfect legs. She was every man’s dream. At twenty-three, she was already attracting suitors from around the world. Her father, David Jesse, the CEO of one of the largest fashion lines in the world, had been holding them off. He loved his daughter so much and has made it a point to ensure she attains the height of education before marriage. Tamar studied Economics at Harvard University. She had just graduated last week. She was home now. Her father had promised to throw a party for her. She would be staying a while.

While the porters unloaded her luggage, Amnon her brother watched from his room window. Growing up, he had always come to love his sister and had protected her. He was the shelter during her storms. She shared everything with him. An outsider would hardly believe they weren’t lovers. He usually visited in school and she’d parade him as her boyfriend, much to the dislike of her admirers, lecturers and students alike. Once they’d pretended to kiss just to draw the attention of a lecturer who had tried to bully her into submission. One of the things he loved about her was her brilliance. One would think that with all that beauty, she’d be a dunce. No way! Tamar had more than exceeded expectations.

She looked up and saw him. A wide grin spread on her face. She bent to grab her handbag front the passenger’s seat, thanked the driver and headed into the house. Echoes of greetings reverberated in the house over the next 30mins. The whole family had gathered to welcome her. Shuffling through hugs and kisses, she bounded to his room. He was never the one to be in group involvement. His door was open. He had left it for her. He was sitting at his work table, she greeted him.

‘Hey blockhead’, she said smiling.

He laughed lightly. ‘Because you’re now a graduate bah?’

‘Please. I am the best graduating student of my set. Show some respect, mister!’ She feigned seriousness. He stood and came to her. Smiling he pulled her into his embrace.

‘Congratulations, doll face! You did it’, he was swinging her now. They laughed and settled into gossip. Several minutes passed and Tamar had to go change,

‘Alright sport, let me go shower.’ She said, heading to the door.

‘Heard dad’s throwing you a party this weekend?’

‘I heard so too’, she replied, heading out.


The party was lit. Father had paid at a club around town. Tamar’s friends had attended in numbers. She was, after all, the daughter of a rich man.

Amnon watched from where he sat. A pretty blonde, a friend Tamar had hooked him up with, hovered around him. He tried not to be a boring company, an act the girl clearly didn’t notice. He watched as Tamar danced with her friends. She was good. One fascinating thing was her ability to have kept herself far from relationships. She had no boyfriend. She was a virgin. How is that even possible? He had begun to love her beyond sibling relationship. It started one day he had bumped into her room to find her naked in front of her dressing mirror. What he felt that day was a mixture of awkward and pure desire. She was perfect in every way. They moved on from that. Never talked about it but, he never forgot either. He would always create fantasies in his head and jerk off the rising yearning. He watched her feel her forehead. She was feeling a bit dizzy. She went to sit on a chair and bent her head. The Xanax had kicked in. She staggered to where he sat,

‘I’m not feeling too well’, she said, ‘please take me home.’

He looped his arms around her waist and walked her out and into the car. He gave the driver instructions to drop them off at a hotel he’d made reservations. By the time they got out of the elevator, Tamar had been completely knocked out. He carried her into the room, placed her on the bed and slowly undressed her. He took a moment to stare at her naked body. Damn, she is beautiful. He took off his clothes. He was erect and hard. There before him lay his price. He didn’t pause to think of his actions and their possible consequences. He only wanted to get into his sister’s honey pot. He sucked hard on her nipples, kissed her lips softly and when he slid into her, he knew he had opened Pandora’s Box.

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  1. Secondly, I would also want to comment on the theme.
    There was a poem I read in school, the author opined that Pandora’s box is a blessing that God failed to release to man

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