“Why you no dey chop your food?”, Jacob asked, fixing concerned eyes on his beloved son, Joseph. Joseph was Jacob’s favourite son, the second to the last fruit of his seed. Jacob did not hide the fact that he loved Jòó – as he fondly called him – more than his eleven other sons. If he bought a single item for each son, Jòó got double. If he bought nothing, Jòó still got something – one of such times, it was an expensive vintage shirt. For this, Joseph’s brothers bore jealousy in their hearts.

“e nor fit dey follow us chop eba na, im don turn big boy. Abi nor be you buy vintage for am? ” Judah teased. Jacob gave him a stern look. Judah had still not gotten over the ‘vintage shirt’ event. That fateful morning he had asked Jacob to buy him a shirt when returning from work. So that night when Jacob got home, the lips that spread up to his cheeks when he saw the shirt slowly transformed into a ring shape and a heart that swore to hate, when Jacob told him: “my pikin, na only one I buy, money nor reach”. He did not need to ask who the ‘one’ shirt belonged to.

“Jòó my pikin, answer me na!. Wetin apun?” Jacob inquired once more.

-short silence-

“I dream”

“ehen! e don start! Dreaming beauty, legend of the dreamer”, Levi’s voice resounded from the other side of the dinning table. His voice was deep, even deeper than the bandaged wound on his left arm, caused by the angry dagger that met his soft flesh in a fight – he was ill-tempered.
“No mind am Levoo, make we still hear the spoil wey im won talk” Reuben said, laughing hysterically.
He was Jacob’s eldest and most cheerful son.

As soon as Joseph began talking, they all dropped their noise and food to listen.

“I dream sey all una keke gather my own keke. Then as my keke kon dey for middle, una keke bow give my keke”

“You dey crase!” Levi raged, as he rose to his feet, his fingers clustered into a fist; his eyes glared, unblinking .
“Rubbish!” he thundered again, pounding his fist on the table and he stormed out.

Later that night, Judah made a call to an old friend
“Johnny my guy! How far na?”
“You still dey thief people go Italo?”
“I get one package for you”

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