Heavy words

You may have heard about the man, Abraham – A friend of God, a man of faith. So close was he with God, that God once said,” What will I do, without first telling my friend, Abraham?” Yes, Abraham was such a figure. A righteous and faithful man. He and God chatted like buddies, unlike the intimidating chat theatrics of using thunder, like with Moses.

But you may not have heard of the sly man called Abraham. Now that’s the story I want to tell you. A story about Abraham, the sly.

Omoku; it was a sunny afternoon, a day that would be remembered not for the violent orange glares of the sun, or the noise of hustle, the clanks of wood and steel by the builders beside Abraham’s house. It would be remembered for the sly act, by Abraham. In a fit for survival, the friend of God would display a side of him, that was, well, so human.

Sarah, Abraham’s fiancee came over to visit. The date was hosted by God in the infamous Kris-Dera Hotels and Suites, one of the most luxurious hotels in Omoku. Yes, Abraham lived in Omoku. It was a sumptuous date; chicken, sharwama, Fried rice in its full competiting colors like it was an inter-house sports. Red wine and a perfect take away too.

Done with a sumptuous meal, a full sack of take away clutched in her hands, the date was over. God left first, and the two love birds headed home soon. With Abraham walking Sarah home.

They talked, giggled, laughed on their way home. The thirty minutes trek didn’t feel like anything, time seem to fly when you’re having fun. Occasionally, Abraham would trail behind to catch a glimpse of her round firm ass that was shrouded by the long skirt she wore. Her winged hips swayed with each step she took. Abraham would bite hard on his lips at the sight.

Now at Sarah’s area, a few block from her house, their hand locked together, whispering sweet nothings into each others ears, as their eyes told stories of eternal love and affection. Abraham’s side view caught a disturbing sight, a gang of boys leaning on the wall few steps away, their eyes gauging the duo, Abraham could feel the thoughts these ghetto boys were brewing. His tummy growled as fear settled deep in the pit of his stomach. His eyes scanned from left to right.

First Boy; Husky, with little or no neck, but a sheer muscle, buffed chest and arm. A lit wrap of weed stuck in between his fingers. Second boy; Dreaded brown sprayed hair, earring in the left ear and piercings on the eyebrow. Cowries, bracelet on his hand and tattoos riddling his arms. Third guy; Short, closer to hell in size and demeanor with very large dark lips. Abraham arm slowly slipped out of Sarah’s waist as he slowed hard. His eyes glued to the ground hoping to become invisible too.

Few steps past the boys, as he was about heaving out a sigh a relief, a hoarse voice rammed into his guts cutting short his relief.

“Hey! Oboy, stop there.” He froze, his eyes still glued to the tarred road. “Fine boy, fine girl, Una dey love una selves abi?”

Before he would exhale, and using his pleading soothing voice to appease these monsters, the devil spoke – in the form of the damsel by his side. “So? What’s yours business? Can’t you just mind your business? Tsk! Jobless touts!!”

Abraham felt his chest broke, as his heart fell into his tummy. His hands trembled, so did his feet. One of the boys laughed behind, and before Sarah would say or do something else, he fell on his knees, tears streaming down his cheeks.

“Bros abeg! Na God I use dey beg una. Na my sister be this, no be my babe o. Na my sister and she too dey sharp mouth, abeg una forgive am.. Abeg!” He kept bowing as he pleaded, Sarah’s mouth would fall open at the pathetic sight.

“Abraham, what–“

“Shut up there, this girl. That is how you will put yourself in trouble.” Abraham roared, his eyes turned back to the boys and soften with continuous pleas.

“You say na your sister? She fine o, and she too get sharp mouth.” The one with dread spoke, with a mischievous smile.

“No mind am abeg!”

“Oya, you go dey go house. Dey go, she go come after..”

“But bros—“

“I say get out for here!!!” And with that Abraham ran without punctuations till he got home. Things were no longer in his hand, he could only hope God would save Sarah.

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