For the Reds - about Moses and the Egyptian he murdered

For the Reds – about Moses and the Egyptian he murdered

I watched from the balcony, half empty glass in one hand, a bottle of champagne on the other. The whole of Eygpt could be mine in a flash if I wanted it. I knew what Aaron meant when he had said “anything could happen” but then, it would be unfair to my mother; the Princess, taking her father away just because I wanted to be king. Even though he was mean, he didn’t deserve to die. I took a sip of the champagne as I turned over to Goshen, from my little duplex every roof was visible, I looked further and I found it, brown rusty roof very close to the river, home; with Aaron, Miriam and Mother. The last time Pharaoh heard I had visited them, he had ceased my Credit card until his daughter; my mother had sweet talked him into returning it. Goshen was home and there was no denying it, the green fields always wore the aura of plenty, the melodious songs in soprano voices of really pretty girls, everything was right in Goshen, there were less skinny girls, less egocentric people and most importantly there was always better food.

“Don’t ever say that” His voice ordered. I looked down.

“What can you do if I do?” The other man asked confidently, his Lacoast Shirt looked original.
I turned away, there were two people fighting again just in front of my gate, fighting was usually and I didn’t have the time to listen to their noise,

“gua…ar…” I paused, I looked closely again, one of them was Hebrew, what nonsense, what this what he learnt from bible class, fighting? This was stupid.

“Ko…rah” I shouted trying hard to sound composed.
“Sir, you called” The skinny lad replied

“Go…o dow…n and tell tho…se boys too…comme up”

“Okay Sir” I watched him disappear. What nonsense, what right did he have to fight.

“Look at them Sir” Korah said and I turned to look at them.

“Whaaat is the proooo blem?” I stammered. They were quiet ,”I meean why are you peeeople fighting”

“He said Manchester United was a hoax” one of them managed to say

Whaaaat? I shouted, I just noticed he was wearing a Man U Jersey. “Dooo you knooow we won the cup?. “Doo yooou? I asked poking his chest with my finger.

Which cup? He replied mocking, I could feel the tone in his voice I hated that tone

Tawaii!!! I still didn’t know how I slapped him but he was on the floor.

“Oga, Oga…e nor dey breath o” Korah said immediately. I squatted and checked, it was true, he was cold as ice.

The Guy on the Man U Jersey was pulling his shirt “Jarha, Jarha”

“Shuut up there” I shouted, “listen, yoooou did nooot see anyyyything today, yooou did not seeeee me or anybooody, yooou undeeerstand?

He nodded

“I aaam serious, dooon’t teell anyybody whaaat happened annd I willl makkke yooour soooon King” I whispered as he nodded again.

“What is yoour name?” I asked


“Good. Now lets clean this mess”

Years later, after rumours of the murder blew up, after Moses’ escape and after the Isreal gained independence, Korah and and his friends led a civil war against Moses Regime apparently someone was not settled in the old deal.

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