The dead baby is yours!: The two mothers and king Solomon

The dead baby is yours!: The two mothers and king Solomon

The Judge saw the two women who entered his compound, one was carrying a dead child and was distraught, the other carried the child who was alive.’Sandra,give me my child,you know very well that she is mine’Anita said with tears running down her cheeks. ‘Ole! Theifu theifu!This is my child,you know the truth,stop shedding crocodile tears,’Sandra replied. ‘Ewooo! Nwa muooo, yeee! mo’kuooo! my baby ooo’the other continued crying. The Judge was confused and tried to calm them down. Anita told the Judge how she woke up to discover that Sandra had exchanged the babies, she laid claims on the baby that is still alive.Sandra did not even allow her to finish talking, she cut in and called her a thief. The Judge was confused and told them to calm down and allow him to think about the situation and tell them what to do.

They stay together in an apartment, two ladies who are soon to be single mothers. They were prostitutes. Sandra was forced into the business when her parents died and she had to survive. Anita on the other hand was a stubborn child who rebelled against the parents and stated that she can take care of herself. When Sandra found out she was pregnant, she wanted to abort it but on second thoughts she didn’t. Less than a month later, Anita discovered that she was carrying a child,she was happy and promised to give her child the world.

Both girls put to bed nine months later to two cute and beautiful baby girls.Their joy knew no bounds and their friendship bond became stronger.

Sandra will always lie her two week old baby. Her friend knew she was a bad sleeper who tosses and turns all the time,she warned her about the dangers of doing that but she paid deaf ears to her warnings. Anita through her savings bought a crib for her child.

One morning,the babies were two weeks old,Anita woke up to find out that Sandra’s child was lying in her crib and not her own child. She rushed to Sandra’s bed and found her child but Sandra refused and claimed the baby. Anita checked the baby in the crib and discovered that the baby was dead. She and Sandra went to the Judge who leaves down the street to settle the issue because they did not have money for litigation. The Judge is popular for the way he helps people settle their quarrels. Everyone love and respected him.

‘Yes,I have found the perfect solution for the both of you’,the Judge exclaimed. Anita stood up immediately she heard this. ‘the baby needs to get a DNA test,that way the real mother can be determined’.he said. ‘Meanwhile,non of you will go home with the child,she will be kept at the child care services where she will be taken care of till the biological mother is determined’,he added. ‘Mba! I do not want my child to be taken there,instead give the child to Sandra let her take care of her till we run the test,they will not take good care of her there, she is just two weeks old’,Anita lamented. ‘Why won’t she be taken there? Are there not other children there? She will be fine,let her stay there till the truth is found out’,Sandra replied.

 The learned and wise Judge seeing how they both reacted knew that Anita was truly the mother of the baby. So he gave the child to her to take care of. When the DNA result came out,the child was truly Anita’s and the Judge did not err in his decision.

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