Miracle Bread - About Jesus, Ochuko, SPAR Loaves and Titus Sardines

Miracle Bread – About Jesus, Ochuko, SPAR Loaves and Titus Sardines

Dusk had fallen, the sky was etched in deep blue and multitudes of persons flood the base of the mountain like ants would to sugar. Jesus standing on the mountain, his robes billowing in the wind like Muslims salaaming to evening prayer, beckoned to Philip and said “can we get enough bread for the multitude” seeing that they haven’t eaten and have been under the fierce Sahara sun with him all day. “Bros J, under this Buhari regime? We don’t have enough to feed this lot”, Philip quipped, “save for a lad in possession of five SPAR loaves and two Titus sardines”, he added. Parting his lips with a half moon smile, Jesus replied ” bring them forth”.

Getting the loaves and sardines wasn’t an easy task as Ochuko a twelve year old Warri boy with an attitude to spare refused to let go. Ochuko who had earlier stolen the items from a parked SPAR delivery horse was about exchanging blows with Simon Peter before his friend compelled him into surrounding the goods, that it was Jesus who wanted them. “Ah! Jesus! Who I be?”, he said whilst handing the items to Philip rather than choleric Peter who now wore a frown, beads of perspiration formed on the gutter lines of his forehead, his bottom lip out and having the look of a dejected man.

Jesus took the loaves and sardine, raised them to the heavens, gave thanks to God in heavenly tongues and handed them to Judas. Based on logistics, Judas quickly set up a committee to oversee the sharing. In total over nine thousand persons were fed, about five thousand were men while the rest were women and children. Despite the fact that Judas was successful in sidelining two baskets of leftovers, twelve other baskets saddled on asses were given to Ochuko for his benevolence. Ochuko led the asses away chanting Warri! Warri!

Seeing Jesus with multitudes the next day, Ochuko went out with loaves and sardines hoping for another miracle and a possible windfall. Sadly he never got the chance to meet Jesus as he was cornered by Peter who dished out series of long overdue back handed slaps and walked him out of the area.

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