My Boss's Wife - A story about Potiphar's Wife and Joseph

My Boss’s Wife – A story about Potiphar’s Wife and Joseph

Her husband Potiphar was never home.
As the Commander in chief of President Pharaoh’s guard, he followed the President everywhere he went – high profile functions at aso rock, meetings, international trips, etc.
While Potiphar globe-trotted, sex was lacking in their matrimonial home.
Potiphar’s wife needed a man to take her to bed and satisfy her.
No other person caught her fancy other than Joseph, her husband’s most trusted aide.
Joseph was handsome, well-built and had a taut body. She desired him. Because she had developed interest in Joseph, Potiphar’s wife started visiting the gym at the workers’ quarters; even though she had the facilities in her own chamber. She’d go to the gym solely to feed her wandering eyes, as Joseph worked out. Most times she requested that Joseph trained her, so that she could have a close feel of him.

At Potiphar’s wife’s chambers.
After delivering a message to his master’s wife, Joseph was about exiting Potiphar’s wife’s tastefully furnished lounge when Potiphar’s wife spoke. These days she specifically requested he did everything for her, even when she had maids and assistants.

Potiphar’s wife: “Can i talk to you about something important, Joe boy?”

Interestingly, she now called his name endearingly. ‘Jojo, Joe or Joe-boy. Joseph didn’t understand the true purpose behind it. It could simply be her being nice. He always thought

Joseph: “I’m at your service ma.” He replied, humbly.”

Potiphar’s wife smiled and offered him a seat. She said: “Sit down please. Don’t be scared, relax.”

Joseph: “Thank you ma”

Potiphar’s wife: “You care for a drink?”

Joseph: “No, thank you ma.”

Potiphar’s wife shrugged and said: “This is it dear. As you know my husband is a busy man. He travels constantly.
You see, sometimes I feel lonely.”

Joseph: “Eyaaa…Sorry ma.”

Potiphar’s wife paused, fixed her eyes on him and continued: “I feel bored in this big house and…”

Potiphar’s wife paused again, dropped the glass of wine and continued: “Joseph, You are aware that you’re the only one I like having around me uhm? Can you make me happy?”

Joseph exclaimed naively: “Ah! Anything you want ma, I fit do am! Sweet films dey wey i fit bring come wey go make u hapi. You don watch “game of thrones?”
Potiphar’s wife: “Nah, come on Joe. Not movies, I want this…

Potiphar’s wife threw her hands around his shoulders and nudged him with her boob. She said: “Come dear…”

Joseph quickly took her hands off him and retreated a few steps back.

Joseph was visibly angry. He said: “Hei God! Abeg, Madam I no fit do dis kain thing for oga back o. Oga Portoo na good man, e gimme work, e gimme food, e gimme house. I tay God beg you mad. I can’t do this, madam.”

Potiphar’s wife: “Don’t be silly dear! Are you a baby?”

Joseph: “No ma.”

Reaching forward, she tried to kiss him, Joseph ducked down and kept a distance.
She smiled, picked up the glass of wine from the side stool and gulped.

Potiphar’s wife: “How old are you again?”

Joseph: “25 ma.”

Potiphar’s wife: “Do you have a girlfriend? When last did you do it with her?”

Joseph replied: “Madam I have to go please.”

Potiphar’s wife ordered: “Don’t leave! Until I say so.”
Joseph was nervous. He swallowed hard and wore a frightened look.
Tall, fair, well endowed,
Potiphar’s wife was goddam beautiful. But he had to leave before things take a different turn.

Potiphar’s wife yelled as Joseph quickly made for the door. “I’ll get you little boy! Fool! Weak man!”

The days that followed, Joseph pretended that nothing had happened.
Regardless, his madam kept up with her pestering and sexual harassments. Several erotic text messages flooded his inbox expressing her desires; as well as requests to spend weekends outside town with him on days her husband was away.
Sometimes madam would walk past him and brush his manhood, winking, sticking out her tongue seductively, and mentioning how good he looked.
The other day he was washing the cars, his master’s wife wore a skimpy flowered dress to the garage. She intentionally threw an object on the floor and bent down to pick it, flashing her underwear. This got him aroused.
At Potiphar’s mansion.
It was one of those nights that Potiphar had taken a trip out of the country with President Pharaoh.
Joseph was restocking the house with cartons of wine from the store. Potiphar’s wife watched him as he lifted each carton like they weighed nothing. He was so muscular and strong. Her body was on fire, she felt engorged around her lower region.
Potiphar’s wife quickly stripped off her silk night wear. This was her moment to have him. She thought.
Wearing just a Victoria’s secret lingerie, she tip-toed towards him and caught him by his T-shirt. Potiphar’s wife said: “Yes! I’ve caught you today. You’re coming to bed with me o. You must give it to me now! Or can’t you handle a woman?”
Joseph gasped: “Oh no! Stop it madam!”

He could easily overpower her and bolt away. On a second thought, he imagined if he slept with this beautiful woman, won’t it be a great way to lose his virginity? – A covenant he made with God? Such restrictive covenant has been difficult to keep over the years. As he had always wanted to know what sex feels like. Moreover, this encounter would earn him bragging rights among his peers.
Joseph grew weak as Potiphar’s wife groped him; her eyes were filled with raw desire.

Joseph said feebly: “Madam..but..”

Potiphar’s cooed: “Joe baby..I know, come to me.”

Joseph: I…I…will…

Remembering his master, oga Portoo, Joseph felt a pang of guilt. But looking at the naked wife of the captain of the President’s guard, his erection grew.
Who wouldn’t want to have a taste of this steaming appetizer?
The flesh is indeed weak. Joseph took off his clothing slowly and allowed Potiphar’s wife drag him to his master’s bed.
This will be their little secret.
Oga Portoo won’t ever know.
God ‘will’ understand.

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  1. Ah! Ah! Was that how the story ended? I thought Joseph resisted and flew away…. Anyway it’s your retelling and I must admit that it’s interesting

  2. I showed a friend this write he said ” some writer could rewrite the bible in a more perfect and homorous way” and ,i nodded in aggreement to his submission.

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