Love can't see - About Samson and Dilihah

Love can’t see – About Samson and Dilihah


Title of my story is : LOVE CAN’T SEE…

One day Samson went to Gaza and he saw a prostitute.

Samson  :  hello pretty

Prostitute : hi handsome

Samson  :  can I have you for a night?

Prostitute:  yes you can, hope your pocket is loaded?

Samson:  sure my pocket is always loaded.

(Samson took her and slept with her)
Another faithful day he was at the valley of sorek  and saw a lady named Dilihah

Samson:  hello dear, please what’s your name?

Delilah :  my name is Delilah

Samson:  wow, you’ve got a lovely name, well am Samson

Delilah :  you need no introduction I already know you.  You are also my friend on Facebook and am your follower on Instagram.

Samson:  wow that’s really nice.

Delilah :  Yeah very nice.

Samson:  my dear I got a confession to make.

Delilah :  really? Okay let me hear.

Samson:  dear immediately I set my eyes on you I felt something deep inside of me,  have never felt so before. Babe I fell in love with you

Delilah :  woaaa  that’s so sweet.

Samson:  Babe you are my dream girl, you are the pretties girl have ever seen since I was born, your skin so fresh like fresh tomatoes, with your charming smiles like the one of an angel.

Delilah :  you are flattering me right?

Samson:  No dear,  am just expressing my feelings, Babe I love you from the depth of my heart.

Delilah :  I love you too

Samson:  Really?

Delilah :  yes sweetie,  have been admiring you,  but you know girls and our pride I could not approach you.

Samson:  wow,  this is beautiful,  this is what I call “Love at first site”

Samson took her in as his girlfriend.
One morning they got into a conversation.

Delilah : Babe you know I love you so much?

Samson:  yes Babe I know that.

Delilah :  darling you know we are now together,  and we are not meant to hide anything from each other.

Samson:  yes sweetie I know all that.

Delilah :  Darling I want you to tell me the secret of your strength and how it can be brought down.

Samson:  okay Babe that’s a small thing na.

Delilah:  really? Okay Babe am waiting tell me now.

Samson: if you tie me up with seven bowstrings that type made from fresh animal tendons not dried out then I would become weak just like anyone.

Delilah quickly got the seven bowstrings and tied him up but unfortunately Samson broke them.
Angrily Delilah asked Samson again to tell her the truth but Samson lied to her  three good times.

Delilah :  Babe now I see you don’t love me, now I know have been wasting my time and energy trying to build this relationship. You were  just lying to me.

Samson: Babe I love you so much, Babe this a secret nobody is meant to know.

Delilah :  so am nobody?? Chaiiiii I said it you don’t love me at all.

Delilah left Samson house very angry,  Samson tried calling her phone but she was not picking, he sent her messages both past whatsapp, Bbm, wechat,  but she ignored all. Samson decided to drive down to her house buying her a lovely flower.

Samson:  Babe am truly sorry for lying to you,  Babe my life is empty without you.

Delilah :  are  you ready to tell me?

Samson:  yes Babe am ready,  let’s just go to the house so we can talk about it.

They drove down to Samson house and Samson was ready to tell her the secret of his strength because he so much love her and could not afford to loose her. In the life of Samson love was blind, Samson could not see all he was seeing was Delilah.

Delilah :  okay am waiting…….

Samson: Babe the secret of my strength is very simple.

Delilah :  then let me hear them..

Samson:  A razor has never touched my head before. I’ve been God’s Nazarite from conception, if I were shaved my strength would leave me and I will be helpless.

Delilah :  Babe you know I love you so much, come and give mummy a hug.

Samson was very happy also Delilah was very happy she made Samson sleep on her laps…..
And unfortunately for Samson his beloved Delilah betrayed him and he was totally shaved and he was helpless…..

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