Esau Sells His Birthright

Esau Sells His Birthright

On that fateful day, Jacob was cooking red pottage and Easu came back from the farm…

Easu: Bros J, abeg you fit gimme small of that thing weh you dey cook maka your bro go soon faint.

Jacob: seeing how hungry he was responded, “Bros E, you no go like sell that your birthright gimme me? Even if any all the food you want I go give you”

Easu: still inhaling the foods aroma and unable to resist it’s mouth watering look replied, “Chai, Bros look at me nah! Wetin I go carry birthright do if I die?”

Jacob: Bros ehn! No be like that ooo… You no go like swear say you dun give am to me?
Easu: Nwanne I swear… Na you get am!

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