One beautiful afternoon, the sun was really scorching and hot, Jacob been the only one at home decided to make himself a sumptuous meal after going to the market himself to get the ingredients, he prepared pottage with assorted meat, and vegetable in it. He actually cooked a meal for his mouth and stomach alone due to the fact that the rest of the family were not around and they won’t be coming back soon.

About the time Jacob was about swallowing the first chop from his meal, his twin brother Esau came into the house. Esau who has been very busy at work was famished and can’t wait to join Jacob in devouring his meal which had started making him salivate, without pulling off his suit and shoes, he quickly grabbed the chilled Chivita drink on the table, gulp a little out of it, the chilled drink made him feel much better, so he pulled off his tie and suit, sat down comfortably and was about touching the food without asking Jacob for permission.

“Eh eh bros… Don’t just touch this food” jacob shouted.

Ahn ahn… Jacob bobo, what is that now? At least give me small na, even if it is just 5 morsel that you can give me to swallow.

Ugh… Jacob stuttered, did you just say 5 morsel? Biko, if you remove 5 morsel out of this amala, how many morsel will remain? Jacob frowned.

Wait na, the remaining morsel would be enough to satisfy your hunger, you know you don’t eat too much, he winked at Jacob.
If I don’t eat too much, let me eat and remain first, how would you come and eat the food I used my money, sweat to prepare? He asked more sternly this time around.

Oya no vex, how much do you want?

Hmmm…. How much would you pay me? That would be expensive for you, because you can only pay for the meal and not my sweat, he answered sharply.

Hun… Okay… What do you now want? Should I give me my credit card? Esau asked quickly.

Hmm… You must give me oo

Answer me this guy, do you want this hunger to kill me? Esau shouted in anger

Jacob laughed at his brother’s act, it is your birthright that I want, if you can give me. Jacob answered quietly and looked at him eyeball to eyeball.

My birthright? Why not, shebi you are my twin brother. No be person wey dey alive dey get birthright. I give you, he answered sharply and sat down immediately to start eating.

Jacob carried the food, o boy not yet… Is that how to do business. You have to sign that you have given me your birthright. At least, it would stand as a witness to this day.

Why are you like this? At least let me finish my food, the pottage is getting cold, go and bring paper.
Jacob quickly rushed down to his father’s desk to pick his father’s company letter head A4 paper so he can sign on it.

Take and sign, he gives him the paper and Esau removes his pen from his pocket to sign on it, then he wrote thus;

I, Esau Isaac has sold my birthright to my twin brother Jacob Isaac today, 20/05/2017. I promise not to take it back from him. As God is our witness.

Esau returns the A4 paper, and bounces back on his sumptuous pottage.

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