Mosco Ran - a Story About Moses, Aaron and Pharoah

Mosco Ran – a Story About Moses, Aaron and Pharoah

After returning from the burning bush, Moses picked up his phone and dialed Aaron’s number.


“Bros Mosco, afa”

“Oh.. Ohboy, st.. st. strong matter dey ground o.” Moses stuttered
“Bbaaa… Baba God call me just now say mmmmake I go tell Pharoah to let our people go.”

“Dat one na small thing nah” Aaron tried to sound bossy. “Abi you dey fear?”

“Me wey… wey… wey… don see fire on top bush wey no burn. I no fear anything
“Meet me for Jethro house now now mmmmmake we plan am. Baba God sef me small code wey I go use”

“I dey come!”

Moses and Aaron met, and after their talk, left for Pharaoh’s palace.

Moses, who already knew the in and outs of the palace, burst through the towering curtains of the living room with Aaron by his side.

“Who is that fool with no manners!” one of the guards inside thundered

“Ohh.. Moses… ” the crowd in the room exclaimed. Every head in the room turned to his direction.

Now, Moses stood a few feet before Pharoah, with Aaron still beside him.

” Moses, Moses” Pharoah began “what gut brought you here.

“Baba, Nnna my God say make I come tell you to free my pp…people”

Pharoah bursted into a harsh laughter.
“So that was why you walked in here like someone without a proper home training” Pharoah had forgotten he was responsible for Moses’s upbringing.

“Go and tell your God that I am deaf to his plea. I do not believe in him”

Moses nudged Aaron, Aaron understood Moses’s wordless signal. Aaron threw his staff onto the marble floor and it morphed into a huge snake.

“This is what our God can do” Aaron said, feeling triumphant.

The palace gasped, Pharaoh’s grip on his throne tightened, then he released his grip and laughed even harder than he first did.

“So you think your Petty sorcery can change my heart” Pharoah said
He called upon two of his sorcerers who took their turns in changing their staffs into snakes, all of which Aaron’s snake swallowed.

The palace gasped like before, and the atmosphere inside tensed.
Still Pharoah was resolute in his decision of not letting Moses’s people go.

When Moses and Aaron got out of the palace later, both of them panting with heavy breaths and faces covered in oily sweats, Moses grabbed his phone and dialed the Lord’s number.

“Moses Moses” the Lord called him
“Bbaba God”
“How did it go”
“Baba God. f..f..Pharoah head st.. st.. strong pass hammer o
“Ah.. Ah.. Ah no near there again”


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