I found love in a strange place

I found love in a strange place

In a world where people are controlled by sight and sound, I beg to differ.
I do not lay much emphasis on people’s physique, as much as physical attractiveness matter; I feel that is not all that there is to a person. This belief would further be strengthened by the experience I had weeks ago.
It was a Thursday evening, and the atmosphere was moody, the birds sensed it, as the air was void of them.
The burial of a closed relative was to be the following day; I was tired and weak, emotionally drained.

As I neared home, a little girl ran up to me and gave me a tight hug, I was surprised, that was a first and I’ve not known her that quite long. She’s a neighbor’s child, it was as if she sensed I needed a hug, I pulled her into my arms and she squeezed me tighter. My heart squeezed too.
Like that wasn’t warmth enough, she proceeded to plant wet kisses all over my face. My heart melted. At that instant,

I fell in love. A rush of emotions came tumbling into my heart, it was indescribable.
The girl won a spot in my heart forever. She took a part of my heart and made it hers.
I found love in the beautiful squirt eyed girl.
The lyrics of a song track in the Nollywood movie titled “Treasure” will best describe what I have to say.
‘You are the treasure that I seek’
‘You were close to me and I did not know’
‘The love that I seek for many years’
‘Was right beside me’
‘Yet I couldn’t see it’.
The movie tells a story of a university male student who constantly taunts a female colleague for her manner of dressing and stand-alone attitude.
When, by fate he got to know the girl behind the ill fitting and bogus clothes, he fell in love with her, and then it was almost too late to spend his lifetime with her as the girl was fighting leukemia and had limited time to be alive. The movie ends sadly as they will get married and the girl dies few weeks after.
Thousands times, we fail to recognize the value of what we have until it is almost too late.
We failed to recognize some things as love because we have a skewed definition of the word.
We also failed to acknowledge love because it is coming from a place we would never hope to find it. A strange place.
Really strange places. Our problem lies in the fact that we are too fixated on a particular variant of love; the one shared by people of the opposite sex, the love of a man to a woman and vice versa. We have successfully reduced love to have just romantic meanings. It is what we read in books, it is what we sing in songs, it is what we see in movies. Romantic love. Every other variants of love take a back seat. It comes as an afterthought.

There is a high possibility that the reason you are still hurting, why you still feel incomplete and lonely is because you have limited yourself to feel loved only by the opposite sex.
A hole will always be left void if this is what you are looking for.
It will not be enough. You need to open up yourself to different outlets where there is abundance of love.
Nature will give you love. A crooked smile from a blind man will give you love. Love can be found in a squirted eyed dark child. Love could come in any form, anywhere and anytime.
Be ready not to despise it when it comes. Look for love in strange places.
Places you would never had expected to find it. The last places on your mind to check for.
Love lurks around these corners looking for who would leave the norm to embrace it in its abnormality.

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  1. Wonderful write up… I love the concluding statement “Love lurks around these corners
    looking for who would leave
    the norm to embrace it in its

  2. as much accolades has been given 2 love lets not forgets it hurts as well
    as I will always say ” Use your head and not your heart” when loving until d right time comes to use both the heart and the head when loving.

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