DREAD, a Short Story About the Fears of a Young Nigerian Lady

DREAD, a Short Story About the Fears of a Young Nigerian Lady

I had my fears while growing up. I was afraid of the dark like every other child.
I hated dogs and chickens (especially the ones with new chicks).
I stayed away from troublesome boys and girls that jest too much.
The sight of a policeman with a gun or the smell of a car exhaust. Just to mention a few.
Time did its duties and i learned to live with some, others I avoided altogether.
One fear however never left, it shaped my thoughts and lifestyle.

I attended religious camps with extra caution and anything that involved staying away from home was treated with special care. I watched my diet, how much i played and with whom i spent the night, even my dream was not excused as i prayed to not have any. I had insomnia as sleeping was a risk.
I cried and begged when my parents wanted to send me to a boarding school and i’d rather be an introvert than have multiple friends that would increase the chances of a sleepover.
I blamed it on my training, feeling my parents did not do their duties.

I browsed the internet for solutions but discovered several white people who were convenient with the situation. I am not white, i am very black and Yoruba. ‘I must be cursed’: I thought at some point and considered going for deliverance.
The last incidence that wrecked every bit of esteem i had left was a visit to my now ex-boyfriend’s house. I was 26 years old and have had dry nights for one year.
I felt the worst was over. I’m still trying to figure if i had too much to drink or did not employ my well learned precautions.
All i know is : we both woke up in a pool of concentrated urine.

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15 thoughts on “DREAD, a Short Story About the Fears of a Young Nigerian Lady

    • It was kind of funny.

      I tried to understand if it was the normal urine or something other than that.

      Sometimes, one can’t really grasp all the literature stuff at once.

  1. The title and the picture made the think that the story would be about “Dreadlocks”

    Well, the story is nice. I was also very scared of Chickens especially those with new chicks. We both shared the same fear – you weren’t alone.

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