Ways of the bible

A brief lesson on the principles of the bible…. Being a christian does not qualify you for all the miracles in the word of God but understanding the bible does.

God never lies if you believed in him  read about the promises he made in the bible to us(Christians) and apply them and you will see.

1. John 15:7 – centers about us asking anything we wish and it will come to pass but with a condition of studying the word daily.

2. John 16:23 n 23- he said we should ask God anything in his (Jesus Christ ) name. And it will be. He also mentioned we have not asked a thing yet.

Let me not bore you guys. But that common principles when applied makes you rich, famous, successful and whatever it is that you desire i n this word..  Evading from Hell fire is not the main reason for Christianity. But the ever unending benefits it comes with. I wish could say more.  But not here.

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