Friendship résumé.

1. What is your friend’s name?
Obi Ifeanyi somto

2. What state is he/she from?

3. Guess the name of his/her hometown

4. How old would you guess he/she is?

5. What do you like best about him/her
Ways of his words

6. What would you advice him/her to improve on
Nothing now

7. Does he/she care about issues related to any of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, like Education, Water and Sanitation, Health issues like (Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Maternal/Child Health, etc), Climate Change, Agriculture and Food, Renewable Energy (like Solar Panels, energy efficient bulbs/lights, solar fridge/freezers, Wind power, etc), etc.
Use Yes ..he would love to improve in all

8. Does he/she care about tourism and visiting tourist sites/attractions?

9. 12. Does he/she care about issue like Entrepreneurship, Insurance, Investment, etc.?

10. Does he/she enjoy traveling?

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